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Our business began as Esteem Plumbing Services. This is still our largest department in The Esteem Group.    


At Esteem Plumbing Services, our team of professional and reliable plumbers can assist with all your plumbing requirements.  We can take on any small jobs around the home, to large construction projects. By having a multi skilled team, it allows us to attend to a diverse range of plumbing works across many sectors.


Our focus is always on our clients, and we do this by providing reliable and professional service no matter what you need us to complete.



General Maintenance

We can assist you with any general maintenance requirements.  Our team of experienced licensed plumbers have a large amount of technical skills ready to assist with any of your plumbing needs.


We can assist you with many services:-

  • Leaking Taps – repairs or replacement of tap ware and washers.
  • Toilets – leaking toilets, not flushing correctly, or constantly running, repair or installation of new toilet.
  • Hot Water Service – repair or installation of new unit.
  • All Gas Appliances – repair or installation of new gas appliances
  • Gas Lines – identify any leaks and repair, or replace section of gas lines.
  • Blocked Drains – identify blockages, clear or replace drains
  • Burst Pipes – leak detection equipment to identify position of leakage before cutting holes around your property.  Repair or replace sections causing damage.
  • Gutters & Roofing – Repair or replacement of roof and guttering.  Completion of gutter cleaning. 

If there is anything you need help with, but not listed above, please feel free to call our office on 1300 791 780 to discuss.  We would be more than happy to assist you.


You have no gas?  How are you going to cook?  How will the hot water service heat up?  Living without gas can be quite distressing. Esteem Plumbing Services can come to your property and detect the cause of the gas fault and rectify the issue for you. Gas leaks are concerning for anyone, people worry about the smell, as well as the cost of paying for unused gas during the leaking period. We have the equipment and expertise to attend to any gas leak. We can work with the owner of the property to complete maintenance repairs, or full upgrade to the gas line to minimise the chances of a leak happening again.

Carbon Monoxide Testing

Don’t risk it!  Let us conduct and test on all your gas appliances to ensure they are all in good working condition.  A carbon monoxide test could save your family. Our plumbers are all qualified, so any result where we find carbon monoxide present at your home, we are licenced to complete the works to rectify the situation. Energy Safe Victoria recommends that all heaters should be tested by a registered gasfitter every two years.

Blocked Drains

No one can plan for a blocked drain, as a company we try our very best to cater for such emergency jobs just like these. We have the specialised equipment; drain machines, drain CCTV cameras, and jet machines to assist with clearing your drains so they are back to working order as quick as possible. Click on the link for more information on drainage.


Hot Water Service

Hot water systems are essential to a comfortable lifestyle, which is why it is important for you to know we will try our very best to restore your hot water on the same day.  Call us if you are experiencing difficulties with your hot water unit.


We are experienced in all hot water unit repairs and replacements, including instantaneous systems, mains pressure systems, and gravity feed systems.   The units can be gas or electric, we will have a specialised staff member to attend to your issues.


We will present our client’s with our findings, and provide them with multiple scenarios to best fit their requirements, space and budget. Esteem Plumbing Services purchase through all major plumbing supplies so we have access to a wide range of hot water service brands. 



Roofing and Guttering

A poor conditioned roof and guttering can be an eyesore, however it can also cause major damages to internal areas of a house. From experience, roofs that are in bad condition do not hold up well against large rain downpours.  Also damaged gutters can lead to clogged gutters.  Often in both scenarios, rain will make it’s way internally and cause damage to plaster, woodwork and even electrical damage.


Our experienced roof plumbers will assist with restoring your roof and gutters to good working order, or we can also assist with completion of a new roof.



When it’s 8 degrees outside, it’s hard to live without heating in your home.  If you find yourself in this situation call us and we will have one of our heating technicians out to you as fast as possible. We will dissect the issue relating to the heating unit.  We understand any repairs or replacement of a heating unit can be daunting for our clients, so we will work with you to come up with the best possible outcome for you.  Our knowledge allows us to help with sizing units correctly for your home.


We can also clean out your existing duct works.  No point having a wonderful heating system that is blowing out dust and other particles.   We can help to sanitise and deodorise your duct system.

Split System INstallations

We can complete any home split system installation you require. Installation of any split systems should only be completed by a licensed trade.  Many consumers are not aware that the licensed trade also needs to hold a specific refrigerant handling licence from the Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC).   Ensure you protect your split system warranty and your home by only commissioning installation works from a technician that holds this specific split system installation licence.